Autumn Selections 02

by Various Artists

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The month of November is often an introspective period in our lives, prompted by the pensive moods evoked by the fall foliage. We're delighted to present "Autumn Selections 02," featuring a wide variety of emotive cuts.

To start "Autumn Selections 02", we have Airdraw's energetic club mix of "Face To Face" by Marsh. The track begins with piano chords that are laced with delicate plucks and hints of percussive rhythm. As the song progresses, we're guided into a momentary layer of ambience before jumping into an array of energy and celebration.

A testament to its title, "Adrift" by Forerunners glides us across a vast, boundless opening of dreamy pads and reverberated soundscapes. Weightless and without an anchor, we're free to move along the track's progression. Forerunners' "Adrift" reinforces us emotionally, reminding us that it's perfectly normal to wander and find joy in every little thing.

Next we have Zuubi's new track, "Exia." With synchronized pluck and bass synths, "Exia" organically grows, layer by layer, until it reaches a canopy of calming ambience. We're revisited by the pleasant plucks and tender vocal chops that eventually drop us into an ocean of rhythmic warmth and sunshine.

Jay FM continues the Autumn Selections with his single, "Connected." This track submerges us with a flow of subs and syncopated percussions while a distant pluck patiently opens up in the background. Soft piano chords create an aura of peace and stillness, slowly merging into a river of lush vocals and melodic strums.

We welcome back Dan & Sam's beautiful rendition of Gregory Esayan's "Innerspace". A sensational mixture of purity and elegance, "Innerspace" wraps itself on our hearts while orchestrating a symphonic rhythm to our lives. A masterpiece of sensory composition, this track reminds us to breathe deeply, to feel gently, and to live gracefully in the presence of life and love.

Bringing our second Autumn Selections to a close is Monika's 'Ragga' remix of "Me & You" by Marsh. A beautifully delicate drum & bass rendition of "Me & You" allows us to appreciate this track in a creatively different light. While mixing percussive hats with synchronized pad and plucks, this track locks us in while it takes us through blissful breakbeats and soothing vocal calls.


released November 27, 2017


all rights reserved



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